Check out the GW 2012 Volvo C30 D2

Home / 2012 Volvo C30 D2 Curb weight 1451, GW vendor, wheelbase 2639 mm., body type hatchback, height 1783 mm., length 4266 mm., width 1448 mm., displacement 1560 cc.
2012 Volvo C30 D2
  • Body: Hatchback
  • Year produced: 2012
  • Capacity (cc): 1560 cc
  • Catalog number: GW
  • Fuel type: Diesel

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
GWHG1989 Volvo 440 1721 см3Manual
GWHT1989 Volvo 440 Turbo1721 см3Manual
GWHD1984 Volvo 360 GLE1986 см3Manual
GWHF1988 Volvo 440 1721 см3Manual
GWH31995 Volvo 460 1.9 D1870 см3Manual
GWH51989 Volvo 460 2.0i GLE1997 см3Manual
GWHH1990 Volvo 440 1721 см3Manual
GWHW1991 Volvo 460 1721 см3Manual
GWHS1992 Volvo 460 1721 см3Manual
GWHV1993 Volvo 460 1721 см3Manual
GWHL1992 Volvo 440 1.71721 см3Manual
GWH61989 Volvo 460 Turbo1721 см3Manual
GWHM1994 Volvo 440 1.71720 см3Manual
GWHK1995 Volvo 440 1596 см3n\a
GWHC1982 Volvo 360 21986 см3n\a
GWHR1995 Volvo 440 1.9 D1870 см3Manual
GWH41995 Volvo 460 1.81783 см3Manual
GWH71989 Volvo 460 GL1721 см3Manual
GWH11993 Volvo 460 1.71720 см3Manual
GWHA1989 Volvo 360 1986 см3n\a
GWHQ1995 Volvo 440 1.81783 см3Manual
GWHU1990 Volvo 460 1720 см3Manual
GWHZ1996 Volvo 460 1596 см3n\a
GWHB1985 Volvo 360 1986 см3n\a
GWH91991 Volvo 480 1721 см3Manual
GWH01989 Volvo 460 1.6i1596 см3Manual
GWHY1989 Volvo 460 1721 см3Manual
GWHI1996 Volvo 440 1594 см3n\a
GWHE1984 Volvo 360 Sedan1986 см3Manual
GWHJ1991 Volvo 440 1720 см3Manual
GWHN1993 Volvo 440 1.71721 см3Manual
GWHO1988 Volvo 440 GLTi1721 см3Manual
GWHX1995 Volvo 460 1595 см3n\a
GWH21994 Volvo 460 1.71721 см3Manual
GWHP1989 Volvo 440 GLE1721 см3Manual
GWH81988 Volvo 480 1721 см3Manual
GWWG2007 Volvo V50 2.5T5 Kinetic Automatic2521 см3Automatic
GWWT2006 Volvo V50 T5 Kinetic2521 см3Manual
GWWD2007 Volvo V50 2.5 T5 AWD Kinetic Automatic2519 см3Automatic
GWWF2007 Volvo V50 2.5T5 Kinetic2521 см3Manual
GWW32005 Volvo V70 2521 см3Manual
GWW52000 Volvo V70 2520 см3Manual
GWWH2009 Volvo V50 DRIVe1560 см3Manual
GWWW2005 Volvo V50 T5 AWD Kinetic Automatic2435 см3Automatic
GWWS2010 Volvo V50 T5 R-Design2500 см3Manual
GWWV2011 Volvo V50 T5 R-Design2500 см3Automatic
GWWL2006 Volvo V50 T52522 см3n\a
GWW62010 Volvo V70 3192 см3Automatic
GWWM2003 Volvo V50 T5 Automatic2435 см3Automatic
GWWK2011 Volvo V50 T52500 см3Automatic
GWWC2007 Volvo V50 2.5 T5 AWD Kinetic2519 см3Manual
GWWR2006 Volvo V50 T5 Kinetic Automatic2521 см3Automatic
GWW41999 Volvo V70 2318 см3Manual
GWW72008 Volvo V70 2.0 T1984 см3Manual
GWW12002 Volvo V70 2521 см3Manual
GWWA2008 Volvo V50 2.5 T5 4WD2521 см3Manual
GWWQ2005 Volvo V50 T5 Kinetic Automatic2318 см3Automatic
GWWU2005 Volvo V50 T5 Kinetic2318 см3Manual
GWWZ2001 Volvo V70 2521 см3Manual
GWWB2007 Volvo V50 2.5 T5 4WD2521 см3Manual
GWW92007 Volvo V70 2.0T1984 см3Manual
GWW02004 Volvo V70 2521 см3Manual
GWWY2015 Volvo V60 T5 4dr Wagon (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 8A)2000 см3Automatic
GWWI2009 Volvo V50 T52521 см3Manual
GWWE2007 Volvo V50 2.5 T5 Geartronic2521 см3Automatic
GWWJ2003 Volvo V50 T52524 см3Manual
GWWN2005 Volvo V50 T52519 см3n\a
GWWO2005 Volvo V50 T5 AWD2442 см3n\a
GWWX2009 Volvo V70 3192 см3Automatic
GWW22003 Volvo V70 2521 см3Manual
GWWP2005 Volvo V50 T5 AWD Kinetic2435 см3Manual
GWW82011 Volvo V70 3192 см3Automatic
GWSG2006 Volvo S80 2.4 Bi-Fuel Kinetic2435 см3Manual
GWST2004 Volvo S80 2.4 D5 Automatic2401 см3Automatic
GWSD2004 Volvo S80 2.4 Automatic2399 см3Automatic
GWSF2004 Volvo S80 2.4 Bi-Fuel2401 см3Manual
GWS32001 Volvo S80 2.4 D Automatic2401 см3Automatic
GWS52006 Volvo S80 2.4 D Kinetic2401 см3Manual
GWSH2005 Volvo S80 2.4 Bi-Fuel Automatic2435 см3Automatic
GWSW2009 Volvo S80 2.4 D5 Geartronic2400 см3Automatic
GWSS2005 Volvo S80 2.4 D52435 см3Manual
GWSV2009 Volvo S80 2.4 D5 Exec Geartronic2400 см3Automatic
GWSL2006 Volvo S80 2.4 Bi-Fuel Kinetic Automatic2435 см3Automatic
GWS62007 Volvo S80 2.4 D Kinetic Automatic2401 см3Automatic
GWSM2004 Volvo S80 2.4 D2524 см3Manual
GWSK2008 Volvo S80 2.4 BiFuel Kinetic2435 см3Manual
GWSC1999 Volvo S80 2.42435 см3Manual
GWSR2004 Volvo S80 2.4 D52401 см3Manual
GWS42005 Volvo S80 2.4 D Automatic2521 см3Automatic
GWS72008 Volvo S80 2.4 D Kinetic Automatic2401 см3Automatic
GWS12004 Volvo S80 2.4 D Automatic2524 см3Automatic
GWSA1999 Volvo S80 2.4 Automatic2435 см3Automatic
GWSQ2005 Volvo S80 2.4 D2521 см3Manual
GWSU2005 Volvo S80 2.4 D5 Automatic2435 см3Automatic
GWSZ2007 Volvo S80 2.4 D5 Kinetic Automatic2401 см3Automatic
GWSB2001 Volvo S80 2.4 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
GWS92006 Volvo S80 2.4i Kinetic2435 см3Manual
GWS02008 Volvo S80 2.4 D5 Kinetic Automatic2401 см3Automatic
GWSY2007 Volvo S80 2.4 D5 Kinetic2401 см3Manual
GWSI2007 Volvo S80 2.4 Bifuel Kinetic2435 см3Manual
GWSE2005 Volvo S80 2.4 Bi-Fuel2435 см3Manual
GWSJ2004 Volvo S80 2.4 Bi-Fuel Automatic2401 см3Automatic
GWSN2007 Volvo S80 2.4 Bifuel Kinetic Automatic2435 см3Automatic
GWSO2008 Volvo S80 2.4 BiFuel Kinetic Automatic2435 см3Automatic
GWSX2008 Volvo S80 2.4 D5 Kinetic2401 см3Manual
GWS22007 Volvo S80 2.4 D Kinetic2401 см3Manual
GWSP2005 Volvo S80 2.4 Automatic2442 см3Automatic
GWS82006 Volvo S80 2.4 D Kinetic Automatic2401 см3Automatic