Volvo S80 T4 (from 2010) Q6 specs and dimensions

Home / 2010 Volvo S80 T4 Height 1864 mm., length 4628 mm., width 1483 mm., Q6 vendor, traction front, 4 cylinders, engine location front, fuel type gasoline, curb weight 1609, 5 seats.
  • Body: Sedan
  • Year produced: 2010
  • Capacity (cc): 1600 cc
  • Catalog number: Q6
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
Q62G1984 Volvo 740 2.4 D2316 см3Manual
Q62T1985 Volvo 780 Coupe V62849 см3Automatic
Q62D1984 Volvo 740 1986 см3Manual
Q62F1989 Volvo 740 1986 см3Manual
Q6231994 Volvo 850 21984 см3n\a
Q6251995 Volvo 850 Break1982 см3Manual
Q62H1986 Volvo 740 1986 см3Manual
Q62W1983 Volvo 760 GLE2849 см3Manual
Q62S1984 Volvo 760 2.82849 см3n\a
Q62V1990 Volvo 780 Coupe Turbo1985 см3Manual
Q62L1989 Volvo 740 GLT2315 см3Manual
Q6261996 Volvo 850 2.5 D2461 см3Manual
Q62M1983 Volvo 740 Turbo2316 см3Manual
Q62K1984 Volvo 760 2316 см3n\a
Q62C1987 Volvo 740 1986 см3Manual
Q62R1988 Volvo 760 2.82849 см3Automatic
Q6241995 Volvo 850 2.0 SE Estate1983 см3Automatic
Q6271996 Volvo 850 Break1984 см3Manual
Q6211991 Volvo 850 2434 см3Manual
Q62A1979 Volvo 66 Break Automatic1289 см3Automatic
Q62Q1987 Volvo 760 2.4 D2383 см3n\a
Q62U1985 Volvo 780 Turbodiesel2383 см3Manual
Q62Z1994 Volvo 850 1984 см3Manual
Q62B1980 Volvo 66 Break Automatic1287 см3Automatic
Q6291993 Volvo 850 Break1984 см3n\a
Q6201993 Volvo 850 2319 см3Manual
Q62Y1992 Volvo 850 2435 см3Manual
Q62I1983 Volvo 740 GLE2319 см3Manual
Q62E1984 Volvo 740 2.32316 см3Manual
Q62J1988 Volvo 740 1985 см3Manual
Q62N1987 Volvo 760 2316 см3n\a
Q62O1988 Volvo 760 2.4 D2383 см3Manual
Q62X1996 Volvo 850 1984 см3Manual
Q6221995 Volvo 850 1983 см3Manual
Q62P1989 Volvo 760 2314 см3Manual
Q6281994 Volvo 850 Break1984 см3Manual
Q6PG2009 Volvo S80 3.23192 см3Automatic
Q6PT2007 Volvo S80 4x44414 см3Automatic
Q6PD2008 Volvo S80 3.0 T6 Momentum2922 см3Automatic
Q6PF2009 Volvo S80 3.0T Exec Geartronic2953 см3Automatic
Q6P32005 Volvo S80 Executive2922 см3Automatic
Q6P52010 Volvo S80 DRIVe1600 см36-speed sequential
Q6PH2007 Volvo S80 3.23192 см3Automatic
Q6PW2010 Volvo S80 D32000 см36-speed sequential
Q6PS2005 Volvo S80 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
Q6PV2010 Volvo S80 D52400 см36-speed sequential
Q6PL2009 Volvo S80 3.2 Exec Geartronic3192 см3Automatic
Q6P62011 Volvo S80 DRIVe1600 см36-speed sequential
Q6PM2012 Volvo S80 3.23200 см36-speed sequential
Q6PK2011 Volvo S80 3.23200 см3Automatic
Q6PC2009 Volvo S80 3.0 T6 AWD2953 см3Automatic
Q6PR1998 Volvo S80 Automatic2922 см3Automatic
Q6P42012 Volvo S80 DRIVe1600 см36-speed sequential
Q6P72011 Volvo S80 T41600 см36-speed sequential
Q6P12011 Volvo S80 D52400 см36-speed sequential
Q6PA2008 Volvo S80 3.0 T62953 см3Automatic
Q6PQ2009 Volvo S80 3.2 Geartronic3191 см3Automatic
Q6PU2014 Volvo S80 3200 см3Automatic
Q6PZ2012 Volvo S80 D32000 см36-speed sequential
Q6PB2008 Volvo S80 3.0 T6 Geartronic2921 см3Automatic
Q6P92012 Volvo S80 T41600 см36-speed sequential
Q6P02007 Volvo S80 D5 Geartronic2435 см3Automatic
Q6PY2001 Volvo S80 D5 Automatic2401 см3Automatic
Q6PI2010 Volvo S80 3.23200 см3Automatic
Q6PE2009 Volvo S80 3.0T Geartronic2953 см3Automatic
Q6PJ2008 Volvo S80 3.23192 см3Automatic
Q6PN2008 Volvo S80 3.2 Geartronic3192 см3Automatic
Q6PO2008 Volvo S80 4.44413 см3Automatic
Q6PX2011 Volvo S80 D32000 см36-speed sequential
Q6P22012 Volvo S80 D52400 см36-speed sequential
Q6PP2007 Volvo S80 3.2 geartronic3192 см3Automatic
Q6P82010 Volvo S80 T41600 см36-speed sequential
Q68G2005 Volvo S60 2.3 T5 Comfort2318 см3Manual
Q68T2004 Volvo S60 2.4 Automatic2433 см3Automatic
Q68D2007 Volvo S60 2.0 T Automatic1983 см3Automatic
Q68F2008 Volvo S60 2.0 T Edition Automatic1982 см3Automatic
Q6832000 Volvo S60 2.4 Bi-Fuel LPG2433 см3Manual
Q6852004 Volvo S60 2.4 D2401 см3Manual
Q68H2006 Volvo S60 2.0 T Kinetic Automatic1984 см3Automatic
Q68W2007 Volvo S60 2.4 Bifuel2435 см3Manual
Q68S2004 Volvo S60 2.42433 см3Manual
Q68V2004 Volvo S60 2.4 Bi-Fuel2435 см3Manual
Q68L2005 Volvo S60 2.3 T5 Premium2319 см3Manual
Q6862005 Volvo S60 2.4 D2435 см3Manual
Q68M2004 Volvo S60 2.3 T5 Premium Automatic2435 см3Automatic
Q68K2005 Volvo S60 2.3 T5 Comfort Automatic2318 см3Automatic
Q68C2007 Volvo S60 2.0 T Kinetic1984 см3Manual
Q68R2008 Volvo S60 2.4 Automatic2434 см3Automatic
Q6842000 Volvo S60 2.4 Bi-Fuel LPG Automatic2435 см3Automatic
Q6872002 Volvo S60 2.4 D2319 см3Manual
Q6812000 Volvo S60 2.4 Bi-Fuel CNG2401 см3Manual
Q68A2006 Volvo S60 2.0 T Kinetic1984 см3Manual
Q68Q2005 Volvo S60 2.42435 см3Manual
Q68U2005 Volvo S60 2.4 Automatic2435 см3Automatic
Q68Z2007 Volvo S60 2.4 Bifuel Automatic2435 см3Automatic
Q68B2008 Volvo S60 2.0 T Edition1983 см3Manual
Q6892005 Volvo S60 2.4 D52383 см3Manual
Q6802008 Volvo S60 2.4 BiFuel Automatic2435 см3Automatic
Q68Y2008 Volvo S60 2.4 BiFuel2435 см3Manual
Q68I2007 Volvo S60 2.0 T Kinetic Automatic1984 см3Automatic
Q68E2008 Volvo S60 2.3 T5 Automatic2319 см3Automatic
Q68J2004 Volvo S60 2.3 T5 Premium2435 см3Manual
Q68N2005 Volvo S60 2.3 T5 Premium Automatic2319 см3Automatic
Q68O2000 Volvo S60 2.42434 см3Manual
Q68X2004 Volvo S60 2.4 Bi-Fuel Automatic2435 см3Automatic
Q6822000 Volvo S60 2.4 Bi-Fuel CNG Automatic2401 см3Automatic
Q68P2008 Volvo S60 2.42433 см3Manual
Q6882000 Volvo S60 2.4 D52435 см3Manual