1999 Volvo V70 (TB)

Home / 1999 Volvo V70 Fuel type gasoline, TB vendor, inline engine, displacement 2318 cc., engine location front, transmission type manual, 5 seats, curb weight 1500, body type wagon, cylinder bore 81,0 mm.
  • Body: Wagon
  • Year produced: 1999
  • Capacity (cc): 2318 cc
  • Catalog number: TB
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
TBHG1990 Volvo 960 32922 см3Manual
TBHT2009 Volvo C30 2435 см3Automatic
TBHD1994 Volvo 960 2473 см3Manual
TBHF1990 Volvo 960 2.92922 см3Manual
TBH32011 Volvo C30 T52521 см3Manual
TBH52004 Volvo C70 1984 см3Manual
TBHH2007 Volvo C30 1596 см3Manual
TBHW2008 Volvo C30 2.4i2435 см3Manual
TBHS2006 Volvo C30 2.0D1998 см3Manual
TBHV2010 Volvo C30 D21560 см36-speed manual
TBHL2008 Volvo C30 1595 см3Manual
TBH62002 Volvo C70 1984 см3Manual
TBHM2010 Volvo C30 1596 см3Manual
TBHK2010 Volvo C30 1.6D1560 см3Manual
TBHC1991 Volvo 960 1986 см3Manual
TBHR2012 Volvo C30 1999 см36-speed manual
TBH42013 Volvo C30 2521 см3Manual
TBH72009 Volvo C70 2521 см3Manual
TBH12010 Volvo C30 DRIVe1560 см36-speed manual
TBHA1992 Volvo 960 1986 см3Manual
TBHQ2009 Volvo C30 2.0D1998 см3Manual
TBHU2007 Volvo C30 2.4i2435 см3Manual
TBHZ2012 Volvo C30 DRIVe1560 см36-speed manual
TBHB1995 Volvo 960 2473 см3Manual
TBH91998 Volvo C70 1984 см3Manual
TBH02009 Volvo C30 DRIVe1560 см3Manual
TBHY2012 Volvo C30 D21560 см36-speed manual
TBHI2006 Volvo C30 1.61596 см3Manual
TBHE1990 Volvo 960 2.4 D2383 см3Manual
TBHJ2009 Volvo C30 1.61600 см3Manual
TBHN2008 Volvo C30 2.0D1998 см3Manual
TBHO2011 Volvo C30 1999 см36-speed manual
TBHX2011 Volvo C30 D21560 см36-speed manual
TBH22011 Volvo C30 DRIVe1560 см36-speed manual
TBHP2007 Volvo C30 2.0D1998 см3Manual
TBH82001 Volvo C70 1983 см3Manual
TBWG2003 Volvo V70 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TBWT1998 Volvo V70 XC 2.4 AWD2435 см3Manual
TBWD2004 Volvo V70 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TBWF2002 Volvo V70 R2434 см3Manual
TBW31996 Volvo V90 2.92978 см3Automatic
TBW52010 Volvo XC60 2.0 T1999 см3Automatic
TBWH2005 Volvo V70 R2401 см3Manual
TBWW1997 Volvo V90 2922 см3Manual
TBWS2004 Volvo V70 XC2520 см3Manual
TBWV2001 Volvo V70 XC2521 см3Manual
TBWL2002 Volvo V70 R Automatic2524 см3Automatic
TBW62010 Volvo XC60 3.23192 см3Automatic
TBWM2005 Volvo V70 T52435 см3n\a
TBWK2004 Volvo V70 T52401 см3n\a
TBWC2002 Volvo V70 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TBWR2002 Volvo V70 XC2521 см3Manual
TBW42012 Volvo XC60 2.0 T1999 см3Automatic
TBW72009 Volvo XC60 3.23192 см3Automatic
TBW11998 Volvo V90 2922 см3Manual
TBWA2011 Volvo V70 3.23192 см3Automatic
TBWQ2003 Volvo V70 XC2521 см3Manual
TBWU2003 Volvo V70 XC Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TBWZ1999 Volvo V70 XC AWD2435 см3Manual
TBWB2000 Volvo V70 Automatic2520 см3Automatic
TBW92012 Volvo XC60 3.23192 см36-speed sequential
TBW02003 Volvo V70 XC 2.4 D2399 см3Automatic
TBWY2005 Volvo V70 xc Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TBWI1998 Volvo V70 T52383 см3Manual
TBWE2005 Volvo V70 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TBWJ2005 Volvo V70 R Automatic2401 см3Automatic
TBWN2005 Volvo V70 T5 Premium2319 см3Manual
TBWO2005 Volvo V70 T5 Premium Automatic2319 см3Automatic
TBWX2004 Volvo V70 XC Automatic2520 см3Automatic
TBW21996 Volvo V90 2922 см3Manual
TBWP2005 Volvo V70 xc2521 см3Manual
TBW82010 Volvo XC60 D31984 см3Automatic
TBSG2006 Volvo S80 V84414 см3Automatic
TBST1999 Volvo V40 1588 см3Manual
TBSD2004 Volvo S80 T6 Premier2916 см3n\a
TBSF2005 Volvo S80 T6 Premier2917 см3n\a
TBS32000 Volvo V40 T41948 см3Manual
TBS52006 Volvo V50 2345 см3Automatic
TBSH2010 Volvo S80 V84400 см3Automatic
TBSW1996 Volvo V40 1.71731 см3Manual
TBSS1996 Volvo V40 1588 см3Manual
TBSV2000 Volvo V40 1.61587 см3Manual
TBSL2007 Volvo S80 V8 Geartronic4414 см3Automatic
TBS62007 Volvo V50 1.61595 см3Manual
TBSM1998 Volvo S90 2922 см3Manual
TBSK2009 Volvo S80 V8 Geartronic4414 см3Automatic
TBSC2006 Volvo S80 T6 Momentum2922 см3Automatic
TBSR2000 Volvo V40 1587 см3Manual
TBS42004 Volvo V50 2435 см3Manual
TBS72005 Volvo V50 2521 см3Manual
TBS11996 Volvo V40 1.9 Diesel1870 см3Manual
TBSA2012 Volvo S80 T63000 см36-speed sequential
TBSQ1997 Volvo V40 1588 см3Manual
TBSU1998 Volvo V40 1586 см3Manual
TBSZ2000 Volvo V40 1.81783 см3Manual
TBSB2006 Volvo S80 T6 Geartronic2922 см3Automatic
TBS92006 Volvo V50 1.61595 см3Manual
TBS02005 Volvo V40 21998 см3Manual
TBSY1996 Volvo V40 1.91946 см3Manual
TBSI2009 Volvo S80 V8 AWD4412 см3Automatic
TBSE2005 Volvo S80 T6 Premium2922 см3Automatic
TBSJ2009 Volvo S80 V8 Exec Geartronic4413 см3Automatic
TBSN1997 Volvo S90 2922 см3Manual
TBSO1996 Volvo S90 2.92922 см3Automatic
TBSX2005 Volvo V40 1.61587 см3Manual
TBS22004 Volvo V40 2.0 LSE Wagon1950 см3n\a
TBSP2001 Volvo SCC Concept2521 см3Automatic
TBS82006 Volvo V50 1.6 D1998 см3Manual