Code: TC Volvo - 2000 - V70

Home / 2000 Volvo V70 Cylinder bore 83,0 mm., TC vendor, 5 doors, transmission type manual, body type wagon, redline 6100 rpm., torque net 220 nm., maximum power 3750 rpm.
  • Body: Wagon
  • Year produced: 2000
  • Capacity (cc): 2520 cc
  • Catalog number: TC
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
TCUG2003 Volvo V70 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TCUT1998 Volvo V70 XC 2.4 AWD2435 см3Manual
TCUD2004 Volvo V70 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TCUF2002 Volvo V70 R2434 см3Manual
TCU31996 Volvo V90 2.92978 см3Automatic
TCU52010 Volvo XC60 2.0 T1999 см3Automatic
TCUH2005 Volvo V70 R2401 см3Manual
TCUW1997 Volvo V90 2922 см3Manual
TCUS2004 Volvo V70 XC2520 см3Manual
TCUV2001 Volvo V70 XC2521 см3Manual
TCUL2002 Volvo V70 R Automatic2524 см3Automatic
TCU62010 Volvo XC60 3.23192 см3Automatic
TCUM2005 Volvo V70 T52435 см3n\a
TCUK2004 Volvo V70 T52401 см3n\a
TCUC2002 Volvo V70 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TCUR2002 Volvo V70 XC2521 см3Manual
TCU42012 Volvo XC60 2.0 T1999 см3Automatic
TCU72009 Volvo XC60 3.23192 см3Automatic
TCU11998 Volvo V90 2922 см3Manual
TCUA2011 Volvo V70 3.23192 см3Automatic
TCUQ2003 Volvo V70 XC2521 см3Manual
TCUU2003 Volvo V70 XC Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TCUZ1999 Volvo V70 XC AWD2435 см3Manual
TCUB2000 Volvo V70 Automatic2520 см3Automatic
TCU92012 Volvo XC60 3.23192 см36-speed sequential
TCU02003 Volvo V70 XC 2.4 D2399 см3Automatic
TCUY2005 Volvo V70 xc Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TCUI1998 Volvo V70 T52383 см3Manual
TCUE2005 Volvo V70 Automatic2521 см3Automatic
TCUJ2005 Volvo V70 R Automatic2401 см3Automatic
TCUN2005 Volvo V70 T5 Premium2319 см3Manual
TCUO2005 Volvo V70 T5 Premium Automatic2319 см3Automatic
TCUX2004 Volvo V70 XC Automatic2520 см3Automatic
TCU21996 Volvo V90 2922 см3Manual
TCUP2005 Volvo V70 xc2521 см3Manual
TCU82010 Volvo XC60 D31984 см3Automatic
TCBJ1989 Volvo 245 2316 см3Manual
TCBW1974 Volvo 245 GLE Estate2127 см3Manual
TCBG1989 Volvo 244 1986 см3Manual
TCBI1974 Volvo 244 GLE2127 см3Manual
TCB61982 Volvo 260 2.82849 см3n\a
TCB81975 Volvo 260 Automatic2664 см3Automatic
TCBK1980 Volvo 244 GLT2383 см3Manual
TCBZ1978 Volvo 260 2664 см3Manual
TCBV1974 Volvo 245 GLE Estate Automatic2125 см3Automatic
TCBY1980 Volvo 260 2664 см3Manual
TCBO1992 Volvo 245 1986 см3Manual
TCB91978 Volvo 260 Automatic2664 см3Automatic
TCBP1980 Volvo 244 DL1986 см3Manual
TCBN1986 Volvo 245 1986 см3Manual
TCBF1974 Volvo 244 DL2127 см3Manual
TCBU1979 Volvo 245 2.72664 см3n\a
TCB71976 Volvo 260 Automatic2664 см3Automatic
TCZ71977 Volvo 260 Automatic2662 см3Automatic
TCB41980 Volvo 260 2.82848 см3n\a
TCBD1980 Volvo 240 Turbo1984 см3Manual
TCBT1991 Volvo 245 2.4 D2383 см3Manual
TCBX1975 Volvo 260 2664 см3Manual
TCB21980 Volvo 260 2.4 D2383 см3n\a
TCBE1986 Volvo 242 1986 см3Manual
TCZ91980 Volvo 260 Automatic2664 см3Automatic
TCB31979 Volvo 260 2664 см3Manual
TCB11976 Volvo 260 2664 см3Manual
TCBL1988 Volvo 245 1986 см3Manual
TCBH1974 Volvo 244 GLE Automatic2125 см3Automatic
TCBM1985 Volvo 245 1986 см3Manual
TCBQ1980 Volvo 245 1986 см3n\a
TCBR1981 Volvo 240 2.4 D2383 см3Manual
TCB01977 Volvo 260 2662 см3Manual
TCB51981 Volvo 260 2.82849 см3n\a
TCBS1991 Volvo 245 1986 см3Manual
TCZ81979 Volvo 260 Automatic2664 см3Automatic
TCBC1975 Volvo 240 2.72664 см3n\a
TCBA1975 Volvo 240 2.12127 см3n\a
TCBB1983 Volvo 240 2.4 D2315 см3Manual